Gogozing Education is an Education Consulting Agency which is a part of the Gogozing Group.

Our aim is to help with international student placement services into schools across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With international presence offices in Australia and Korea along with representation in New Zealand and the United Kingdom you can be confident that we will do our best to help service your educational needs.

Gogozing Education is a subsidiary of the Gogozing Group that already provides immigration services to Australia with Gogozing Migration. In the Education Consultancy Industry, there are many people that provide advice to clients without really knowing what it is like being a student in theses countries. Our company is different. When you chose Gogozing Education to represent you we guarantee that our advice is trustworthy, reliable and 100% focused on the unique needs our customer. Our business focuses on selecting the most effective educational strategy to achieving our client’s educational outcomes.

Our team is headed up by experts from the specific countries that we have partnerships with in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. These specialists were born and raised in these countries and who better to get reliable advice from other than someone who has experienced all levels of the education system in their counties.

In addition, as part of the Gogozing Group, we are licenced to provide additional services to people wanting to migrate to Australia after achieving their educational outcomes with our registered Australian migration agent (MARN: 1688177).

In addition, our country specialists also have experience dealing with students from not only South Korea but many various Non-English-speaking markets in Asia and around the world. With our in-depth knowledge of international business and international education, combined with our friendly but frank and honest approach, Gogozing Education aims to be your overseas educational solution provider. The term “Gogozing” means ‘Let’s go!’ or ‘Let’s do it. This is a popular saying in South Korea with “Go” coming from English word “go” and “Zing” being the sound of someone heading towards their target. The “Gogozing Education” brand is for people who want to study abroad then “Let’s go” or “Let’s do it”. There should not be anything stopping you from “Gogozing” to your destination.




Eddie Rimmington


Origin: Australia
Languages: English, Korean


An, Donghee (Jessica)


Origin: Korean
English, Korean



Justin McLeod


Origin: New Zealand
English, Korean


Liam Lusk


Origin: Scotland, UK


Hyun, Shin Woo (Jason)


Origin: Korea
English, Korean, Hindi


Jung, Inho


Origin: Korea
English, Korean, Hindi


Gogozing Education has the goal to provide reliable educational advice for people who want to study abroad in various countries.

We know everyone has a dream and our goal is to help you achieve it. Whether it is to study abroad temporarily, gain a new experience or study towards one’s future; our mission is to aid all individuals to find the best school or course that can help them achieve their own “Study Abroad Dream”.

We currently have presence in Australia and South Korea with representation in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and our goal is to become the main education consulting business in these markets under the Gogozing brand with the long-term vision to expand the business to other markets around the world.

We base our business on a few key success factors:

  • Knowledge of Educational areas
  • International presence
  • Loyalty to our clients
  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Cross-cultural communication and understanding
  • Easy application process


Gogozing Education offers its service as a professional educational specialist who can help customers get their head around the confusing and constantly changing requirements and trends that are involved with overseas education.

Gogozing Education only hire agents that have had experience living and studying in our selected countries that we advise to, so you can rest assured that the people who offer consultation have not only the knowledge about studying abroad but also the empathy to answer your concerns about the best way to study abroad and make it the best experience of your life. With memberships and interaction with the relevant study abroad authorities and industry bodies, we work to provide professional service for our clients.

We understand each client has their own unique study need thus we handle everyone’s case individually and treat them as such. We believe that by continuing to provide reliable and consistent educational services, we can establish long term, positive relationships with our clients.


Gogozing Education work with various study abroad agencies in the countries we service like Study Australia, NZ Education and Independent Higher Education in the UK. We are constantly making relationships with these associations so we can stay on the pulse of various study abroad trends and changes in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unqualified people in the study abroad industry who act more like “sales people” and are looking at increasing sales rather than offering real study abroad advice.

As our country specialists are representing their own countries, Gogozing Education will do everything in its power to help you have a positive experience when you decide to study abroad as we have an invested interest in doing so.